Our 100 kW All mode DRM/AM/SSB HF transmitter in Kostinbrod
Spaceline Ltd. Bulgaria is worldwide shortwave and mediumwave broadcasting transmission and two-way communication airtime services provider. Our company is  DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) supporter. We have accomplished number of high power HF and MW  transmitter renovations and improvements for efficiency and transmission quality. Our company is highly expertised in Shortwave, Mediumwave and Longwave transmission, coverage study, transmission equipment modification and operation since 1995. Currently we are operating several shortwave and mediumwave transmitter (10kW - 1000kW)  and receiving sites among the world, utilisng best quality transmission equipment, engineered and maintained by our company. Spaceline Ltd. provides radio broadcasting airtime to our clients and two way communication services with worldwide coverage and unprecedented quality at best known rates. Our skilled staff of engineers and operators stay available 24 hours in support of our operations 24/7.
                                  Spaceline  Ltd is member of  HFCC   
Digital Radio Mondiale

Our company joined DRM Supporters pool in 2009, and since then we have converted number of transmitters to DRM operation. The first ever DRM transmission on shortwave from Bulgaria to Europe was been done in 2009 with transmitter located in Kostinbrod (near Sofia, Bulgara) converted to DRM and operated by Spaceline Ltd. We have strong belief in DRM as a future technology of shortwave broadcasting. Since 2014 all transmitter units we are operating are converted to DRM by Spaceline and capable not only for AM but also for high qulaity digital DRM transmission.


Our Activities
Our key activities are concentrated to:

HF, MW, LW transmitter renovations

Provisioning of Airtime on SW and MW

HF and MW transmission Coverage Planning

Two-way analog and Digital Communications on HF - marine, expeditions

HF services with global coverage

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