DRM Mix Antenna
DRM Mix is a joint project of  Spaceline  and  the most famous  broadcasters  in order to promote DRM to the listeners.
Attractive mix of programs will be on air
 on   22, 23, 25 and 26 December 2012
, 16.00 -18 .00 UTC 9755 kHz  in DRM Mode 
in order to present the unique advantages of a good programing and digital high quality. 
Stay tuned and enjoy ! 
Please send your reception reports, questions  and comments at

     DRM Mix is going on air from radiostation Kostibrod, Bulgaria, Spaceline BG
    with 100 kW transmitter converted to DRM by SpaceLine and equipped with
DRM Modulator DRM-DMOD2 of Transradio  
Save money with DRM !
9755 DRM may be expanded with your broadcast
DRM MIX 16.00-18.00 UTC in Saturdays is fully sponsored by our comany.
If you are looking for additional airtime on this particular transmitter, covering Europe we would be happy to extend the broadcasting slot on 7590 kHz  and propose you very affordable condtions
.Broadcasting on 9755 kHz DRM would keep the project going longer and provides you an opportunity to have your broadcast next to the most famous ones with well established audience 


DRM MIX broadcasts to Europe,
9755kHz, DRM 

This project
is open for every broadcaster arround the world. Within the project frame you have the opportunity to have your show several times in DRM Mode free of charge !  

Our Activities
Our key activities are concentrated to:

HF and MW transmitter renovations

Provisioning of Airtime on SW and MW

HF and MW transmission Coverage Planning
Two-way analog and Digital Communications on HF - marine, expeditions

HF services with global coverage

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