Expertise in Radio & TV, Airtime with International coverage

About Us

SpaceLine Ltd. Bulgaria was been established in 1998 in Bulgaria from group of experts in telecommunications, TV and Radio broadcasting with main objective to provide transmission services on shortwave and technical services for the company partners. 

With the time we developed solid international infrastructure of transmitter facilities to serve partner requirements for transmission services with worldwide coverage on Shortwave, Mediumwave and Longwave.

We have number of transmitter facility renovation projects accomplished in Bulgaria and internationally Eastern Europe and Asia, improving the performance, quality and coverage of the facilities being modernized. Most of these facilities are now being used by SpaceLine for serving its customers.

We have many years working experience as a service provider of shortwave , mediumwave and longwave radio broadcasting covering Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia, Middle East and North America. 

Space Line Ltd. is installer and operator of the  technical infrastructure in order to provide reliable and cost effective broadcasting and communication services with worldwide coverage.

Nowadays Space Line operates its own large shortwave broadcasting facility and network operations center in Bulgaria, and provides airtime on most of the broadcasting platforms, emphasizing on shortwave, mediumwave and longwave, but  we are also extending the network to cover rising demands for Radio and TV transmission on Satellite and Internet and Cloud streaming.

We are also technical advisor and project developer with strong practical international experience in shortwave, mediumwave and longwave transmitter and antenna renovations, modification and optimization.

Space Line Ltd. is a member of HFCC and associate of DRM Consortium